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Grace Rash, INHC


My Mission:

As an Integrative Wellness Counselor, I guide my clients to make effective and long-lasting changes- tailoring nutrition and overall lifestyle to best fit one’s own unique needs. Together we will create a diet and life that leaves you feeling healthier, happier, and more balanced. I counsel with an integrative and holistic approach, meaning we will address any issues and/or goals by looking at your entire being as a whole- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Scope of Practice:

Together we will address things like:

  • hormone health* (cycle regulation, fertility enhancement, managing menopause, prenatal & postpartum health)

  • weight management

  • blood sugar regulation

  • headache and fatigue

  • insomnia/irregular sleep

  • sugar cravings and caffeine addiction

  • digestive issues* (IBS, diarrhea/constipation, bloating, gas & cramps)

  • stress management

  • body image

  • eating disorders*

    *with medical professional oversight if necessary



I have had a deep passion for health and wellness as long as I can remember. I quickly became so intrigued by nutrition- the way it can fuel your body or break it down, and how something so often overlooked literally holds the power to heal or to destroy. That’s big stuff, folks.

I needed to share this message of health and wellness with anyone willing to listen.

When I was fairly young, I developed several issues of my own- digestive upset (I can remember sitting at my desk at school with my knees pulled tightly into my chest, wishing for the cramps to subside), various skin conditions (acne, rosacea, eczema- overall very irritated and inflamed skin), and hormonal imbalances. I went to doctors and dermatologists, but was never satisfied with their seemingly “quick fix” to my problems- digestive aids, topical antibiotics and chemicals for my skin, and birth control to keep my hormones in check. I always found myself asking, “but WHY am I always bloated and crampy, WHY is my skin so inflamed, WHY haven’t I had a period in over a year?!” Desperate for answers, I took it upon myself to do some research. And research (and research, and research) I did!

Long story short, I discovered the world of alternative and holistic medicine, and fell in love so quickly. I began to finally understand my body, how it worked, and how to make the changes necessary to allow it to function at its very best. Through diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle changes (including an evaluation of my mental, emotional, and spiritual health), my body was able to heal itself- something that our bodies are designed to do when given half a chance- and so much more!

My clients learn how to heal themselves- I am simply a catalyst for necessary change.

I knew fairly quickly that this was where I needed to be. I knew that I could and needed to build a career around this passion. I needed to share this message of health and wellness with anyone willing to listen. In late middle and early high school, I shadowed at integrative medical facilities and toured colleges for naturopathic and alternative medicine (some all the way across the country), searching to find where I needed to be. Then I found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and did not hesitate for a second before enrolling. This school was so aligned with my values in nutrition and overall wellbeing, and becoming a certified health and wellness coach would allow me to do exactly what I felt so called to do. I am so grateful and honored to have the opportunity to serve others in a way that brings about the very best kind of healing- true healing that lasts far beyond any diet, workout regimen, or therapy session. My clients learn how to heal themselves- I am simply a catalyst for necessary change.