“I love this product! It makes my skin feel fantastic. My skin feels smooth and moisturizes, which is something I’ve never seemed to be able to accomplish with other products.”

- Shellie S.

“Best thing I’ve done for my skin! I no longer have to worry about purchasing or carrying around all those extra skin products because I only need one! I have tried every product for acne and sensitive skin you can imagine and ERS is my favorite by far!”

- Kimberly W.

“I was having horrible stress breakouts and this cleared my skin up in a week!”

-Chase F.

“Love! The smell is amazing and it makes your skin feel so clean! Highly recommend!”

-Corie F.

“My daughter has a history of pretty bad acne and patchy red skin on her face. She’s only been using this cleanser/moisturizer for 3 days and we can already tell a huge difference! Her acne is gone, her red patches have evened out, and her skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom!”

- Michelle C.