My Story


So, skin is weird. Everyone’s is different, and it can be confusing and oftentimes frustrating to figure out what works best for yours. Well friend, let me tell you the story of how I figured mine out and, hopefully, help you understand yours too.

   My skincare journey started around the time puberty did. I started getting acne, and I DID NOT like it. The more severe it got, the more discouraged I became. I went to the dermatologist and tried a multitude of different prescriptions. Some made the problem worse, others kept my skin clear- but made it red and irritated (oh, and if I missed a mere dayof using it, all hell would break loose). After multiple trial-and-errors, I had a change of thinking.

   I started reading up on natural skincare options, both internally and externally. Internally, I gave more attention to cleaning up my diet, drinking more water, getting enough sleep, exercise, etc. (all of which are veryimportant for healthy skin!). Externally, I began researching different natural skincare options and experimenting with ingredients that suited my skin best. I learned that the “less-is-more” principle definitely applies to someone with sensitive, acne-prone skin. I immersed myself in the world of natural living, and haven’t looked back since!

   My skin finally began to find a balance, and started healing from the harsh chemicals I had previously used. I began actually getting compliments about my skin- people telling me it was “glowing” and asking me what I use- which was an entirely new phenomenon I hadn’t experienced before. This experience opened a door to the world of health and wellness, which I fell in love with and eventually decided to gear my education and career towards! In the meantime, I wanted to share this newfound passion with others that may be struggling with their skin, helping them to feel healthy and beautiful- naturally!

   After receiving an immense amount of encouragement and support from so many lovely individuals, pushing me to create a business out of this passion, Earthen Roots Skincare was born! In the few months that it has been up and running, it has grown more than I could have imagined. I am so excited to see where this beautiful company takes me and hope you fall in love with these products as much as I have! 


***Check out my Shop to purchase the products that healed my skin- remember, each product is made with love and formulated for specific skin types, so read through the descriptions and choose what you feel would work best for you!