Balanced Hormones = Balanced Life


Are you ready to take charge of your health, and finally rediscover the body and life you THRIVE in?

Join a community of like-minded women in the online course: Balanced.


Balanced is dedicated to giving you a deeper understanding of how the female body functions, and teaches you how to utilize this knowledge to biohack your hormones. In this 3 month course you will learn in-depth about the four phases of the female cycle, what happens to your hormones during each, and how to best support your body as your hormones ebb and flow. With Balanced you can finally say goodbye to irregular & painful periods, PMS, hormonal acne, and more- all using an integrative, holistic, and non-invasive approach.


Program Breakdown:
A. Twelve video lectures- although the course is set up to have one lesson per week, all lectures will be available upon purchase of the program, allowing you to go at your own pace. One lesson per week will result in a 3-month program.

B. Written discussion questions based on each video lecture that are to be answered before each live weekly discussion call.

C. A private FB community for all course attendees + live video calls with me and other course members each week to discuss the week’s lesson and have an open Q&A.

D. Access to extra webinars and workshops should they occur within the duration of the program.

*Counseling in a group setting around a subject such as this provides an extra support system and accountability, aiding in your growth. You will be surrounded be like-minded women, all going through a similar situation. Not only will this allow for deeper discussions and new perspectives, but you have a built-in team invested in your success!

Pricing is $60/month, or a discounted one-time payment of $130 (price includes everything stated in the program breakdown above; video lectures will be permanently accessible after purchase of the program for you to refer back to as much and as often as you’d like).

***CLASSES START NOVEMBER 11th*** - sign up by November 4th + pay for 1st month ($60) or discounted one-time payment ($130) to secure your spot. ALL payments MUST be received by Oct 4th. Payments are processed via PayPal, and monthly payments will be drafted automatically. No refunds.

Watch the Program Intro Video Here!: